About Hixson Transmission & Total Care

Hixson Transmission and Total Car Care is more than a transmission shop. We have a full menu of services. Literally, if your car needs fixing, we can fix it.

We have a complete diagnostics team. Just like going to the hospital, the specialists will heal your ailing. Once your car is diagnosed, we will have the specialists work on your car. If it’s tires, brakes, alignment, shocks, struts, we have the specialists. If it’s electrical, there’s the specialist. If it’s the transmission, we have a team of specialists.

Hixson Transmission and Total Car Care is more than your “average” repair shop. There are 11 employees at Hixson Transmission and four at Speedy’s Oil and Auto.

Hixson Transmission is very deceiving from the road. The building itself is 12,000 square feet with 15 lifts and 20 bays plus a large bay for oversize vehicles like box trucks or RV’s.

The technicians are highly qualified and are ASE Certified. Most of the technicians are master technicians. Keeping up with technology is an ongoing obstacle. Car manufacturers change every day. Gone is the day that a guy can put a chain on the branch of a tree and pull the engine from the car.

There is only one other piece of equipment in the entire world that has more computer components on it than a car….and that’s the space shuttle. Cars today have over 200 computer monitors.

That’s why we purchase and use state of the art tools and diagnostic equipment. For instance, when your check engine light is on and you go to an auto parts store for them to hook up the monitor. That’s like the doctor listening to your heart with a stethoscope. Not a bad idea, but it’s only going to tell the doctor how well or fast your heart is beating. When you come to Hixson Transmission and Total Car Care with check engine light, we are going to use a Lab Scope to determine exactly what is wrong with your vehicle. It’s the difference between being examined by your doctor with a stethoscope or a MRI. We use the MRI approach. Now, we know how to repair the problem instead of “experimenting” with a lot of parts and time.

We use State of the Art Technology including: Identifix, Mitchell on Demand, All Data, ATRA, ATSG and IATN. IATN is an on line forum that technicians around the world use to discuss specific questions, share answers and brainstorm different problems. Our technicians have added a plethora of information to other techs.

We also have several different types of diagnostic equipment including Snap On, Launch, Hanatech, OTC, Hickock, IDS and MDI. We are at the dealer level on the diagnostic software. Each tech has a Panasonic tough book at his tool box so he knows immediately what to do. The wiring diagrams and all the other information is at his fingertips. However, no matter what our shop or the shop down the road uses, the equipment is only as good as the technician. The technician must be able to not only read the information, but understand it. Once he understands it, then he knows how to solve the problem.